We need to talk about security. Many of our articles indeed primarily deal with the topic. Still, today we want to bring something even more specific: let’s talk about the most common accidents that affect mountain bike practitioners. And, of course, give tips on avoiding them or, ultimately, how to deal with this type of occurrence. Good reading!

Why Mountain Biking?

Although any cyclist is prone to falls and other types of accidents, trail enthusiasts are the most likely to suffer from this problem. This is due to the specific characteristics of the route and the associated challenges.

Climbs and steep descents, irregularities on the floor, rocks, and other obstacles are not rare in the routine of hikers. Therefore, the number of accidents in this modality is proportionally much higher than those affecting road and urban cyclists. Damage to physical integrity is also more significant in mountain biking.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Accidents?

Some types of accidents occur in all modalities, while others affect more frequently those who dedicate themselves to the trails. Below, we list the main reasons for falls for those who opted for mountain biking. Sometimes it is a combination of these factors that causes the accident.

Track Irregularities

We are talking about terrains that, by nature, are irregular. In addition, the changes caused by climate change (rain, wind, etc.) bring about changes in the track that surprise and can bring down less careful cyclists.

Just a bare stone, a hole that “didn’t exist” when you made the same trail a short time ago or a fallen and ready branch: the fall is practically right, even for more experienced cyclists.

Dangerous Curves

On trails, it is not always possible to predict the exact intensity of a curve. Allied to this, the slope of the terrain can make a seemingly smooth curve a real obstacle.

Finally, wet ground, sand or gravel, and even the incorrect use of brakes and the rider’s position when making the turn are more than enough reasons to end up on the ground.

Inattention And Recklessness

This danger tends to happen more routinely with those who think that the experience is sufficient to guarantee the safety of the pedal in any condition.

It turns out that trails can be tricky. As we have already said, changes in the route and overconfidence are common. In that case, it may be the exact recipe for the fall. And, it is not uncommon for some cyclists to pedal with their heads down, either due to inattention or even tiredness, which naturally increases the risks.

In addition, risky maneuvers, overtaking without proper signaling, and speed above the recommended is the recipe for increasing the chances of accidents with mountain biking.

Lack Of Safety Equipment

Another common cause of accidents that can occur in any modality is maximized when we talk about mountain biking. Helmets, gloves, good signs, and lighting, more than “accessories,” are essential safety items.