The best way to find good housing in Bang Plat and other Thai cities is through word-of-mouth and following your instincts. Finding a ready to move in condo near Bang Plat (คอนโดพร้อมอยู่แถวบางพลัด, which is the term in Thai) is one of your priorities after arriving in Thailand. Using a rental agency can be convenient, but it isn’t always the best way to find a place to call home. When looking for lodging in Thailand, cut the middleman and save funds by doing your research.

You may be able to find a great place to stay in Chiang Mai or Bangkok on your own if you put in some effort. To see if any apartment complexes or condos look promising in a particular part of town or neighborhood, you can simply take a stroll through the area. When a building doesn’t have any sign on the outside indicating that a unit is available, you’ll have to ask the staff on the ground floor.

What To Look For When Comparing Thailand Apartments

  • Furnishings

Even the most basic of Thai apartments are usually equipped with necessities. The necessities are a bed, a wardrobe, and a dressing table. If you’re staying in a newer, more expensive building, the shower area may be separated from the rest of the bathroom for privacy reasons. 

  • Wifi

Check the wifi when looking for a ready to move in condo near Bang Plat. If the wifi is good, you are lucky. However, in the vast majority of situations, it’s worth it to invest in a dedicated line. Determine whether or not the building allows private lines and which providers you can use. 

  • Utility Bills 

The cost of electricity and water in Thailand varies according to your location. The government sets a standard rate for utilities, but a building’s owner can charge their tenant’s inflated rates. So keep that in mind.

  • Location

The cost of accommodation in Thailand varies greatly depending on location, just like in any other country. Before consenting to move in, check out the neighborhood at night to make sure that nearby clubs and bars or karaoke bars aren’t too loud.

Good luck with your search! Other factors to consider include the ease of access to quality coffee shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, and fresh food markets. Best of luck in your search for a ready to move in condo near Bang Plat with the help of these resources.