Technology being imperfect does not mean having a form of distrust or steering clear from these marvels of science and innovation. Instead, the key is to manage your reactions when something happens, such as the event management system showing signs of issues with the platform.

We will teach you a few tips on dealing with these problems and challenges and what you should do to avoid worsening the situation during online or hybrid events.


If something goes wrong with the platform in the middle of things or there is an issue with how you control the event management software, do not panic because it will only worsen the situation. You will be shocked by what happened, but remember that reacting that way will not make you overcome this obstacle. Instead, despite how things go fast, calm down, collect yourself, and make a move once you are ready. (Note: It is easier said than done because people have different coping mechanisms, but the best way is to calm down before dealing with things.)


Tell all the organisers about the issue, gather all relevant people in the event or project, and notify the team who will handle potential problems and obstacles. Here, leaders should be a wise example to everyone and walk them through different ways to solve a problem. On the other hand, if you do not have authority over the situation because of your level, take action and notify the relevant people who can help you deal with things. In short, ask for help and be with each other. (Tip: Now is not the time to develop a conflict with other people or fight because you have different approaches. Be ready to compromise and meet halfway to solve the issue.)


One essential step is to contact the virtual event company in Singapore because they know the platform like the back of their palms. These people witnessed how they developed it or the ins and outs of the components. Also, they are competent in basic troubleshooting and helping clients achieve their event goals without issues, so it is their job to offer these services because you have paid for them. (Tip: Approach them nicely because there is no time and place for hostility and rude behaviour towards other people.)

Evention offers integrated event management software for people who need them. Follow these tips when you encounter problems, and visit their website for more information.