Diversitech Global has announced the expansion of their Hangzhou facility. The company’s new location is just under 1.4km away from its current location and more than twice as large as their original facility.

Simon Hopper, CEO of Diversitech Global, shared his excitement about the move to a bigger space and stated that this will be “a great opportunity to grow our team.” He also mentioned that they had been looking at other locations but this location immediately leapt to the top of the possible sites after visiting it just once. Hopper believes that moving into a larger space will help achieve one of his major goals which is creating “a world-class environment for our employees.”

The company’s new HQ is located in the southern industrial sector of XiaoShan district, within easy commuting and transportation distance of Hangzhou city center. 

The new location is divided into two premises: a main office building and the warehouse. The office building is 2000sqr meters with 4 floors and stands 16meters tall whilst the finished good warehouse is 2500sqr meters and stands at 10 meters tall

The company’s move is in response to increased business demands at their current site. Simon Hopper, CEO of Diversitech Global stated that “the Hangzhou facility was operating at near to full capacity with all spare space being taken up as fast as they were emptied.” 

A larger facility will allow for more room to expand as well as an easier transition when moving production lines. Hopper also mentioned how they are looking forward to being able to provide better customer service due to having more available space onsite. In addition to the benefits of the new facility, this move will help reduce transportation costs as well as provide better access to local suppliers.

This move is an important step in the company’s strategy to continue its expansion as demand for its private label manufacturing services sees year-on-year growth

About Diversitech Global: 

Diversitech Global is a leading supplier of private-label tools. Having completed work for global retailers, including Fortune 500 companies, their products are designed by experts who understand what it takes to get a successful brand out into market. Taking an idea all the way from production to final packaging, including branding or even helping with marketing materials. They have a network of joint-venture factories that manufacture with the latest equipment for assembly processes and are committed to world class supply chain management with their partnered sources and suppliers.

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