Anyone celebrating for a brief period of time should at least give a shot to a fine-buffet dining experience. Over the past few weeks, there have been several hunts for an excellent buffet service for my brother’s wedding event. Since he gave me such a prestigious task of helping him out preparing for the big day, I was in a position to look for wedding catering in Singapore.

A Catering Service for Wedding Reception

He and his fiancee at that time didn’t have that crazy amount of budget for an extravagant buffet at the reception. But we were all looking forward to and excited to make it a special and memorable celebration. We invited a good number of friends and relatives to be guests at the wedding reception. I was expecting a decent buffet for a number of people where a portion of the guests have specific dietary needs.

It’s not that difficult to find a buffet service these days. I looked for different high tea and halal catering in Singapore before. You can find plenty of catering service providers online alone, and you won’t run out of options. It was not uncharted territory for me to look for a fine buffet catering service for my brother’s wedding celebration. However, one of my close friends gave me a referral to one local catering service, telling me to give them a shot. So far, Stamford Catering has been one of our go-to choices for different catering needs, from birthdays to special occasions or events.

So far, here are some of the things I experienced with Stamford Catering:

Food Quality

The food was tasty as it was before. It didn’t change much. I adore their fried rice and curry dishes. So far, the portion of serving was enough. It was not too sizable nor too small. The main course is pleasant to our taste and fits its rights into the budget! Overall, we enjoyed their food, especially their meat dishes, which were really tasty and authentic.


Stamford Catering also offers mini buffet catering in Singapore. During those periods when we hired them for an event needing a mini buffet catering, we were delighted with their service. Their staff were reliable and approachable. They respond fast and attend to our guests’ needs quickly. All in all, we were happy and satisfied with how they served their clients. Their food delivery service (we ordered roasted chicken) also delivered on time, and a significant portion of the ordered food was still hot and nicely packed.


Budget-wise, they are not that expensive. Whether you are looking for mini or high tea catering in Singapore, Stamford Catering fits right into our budget, which wasn’t big. Not to mention, their food and service quality does really fine for a decent catering service.

Overall, we were happy and satisfied with the food and service they provided for my brother’s wedding celebration! If I were to personally ask, I would recommend Stamford Catering for your special occasion catering needs. Their service and food were excellent in our experience!