PC games are on the immersive path today and gamers are ensuring that they upgrade their gears to the best possible level to remain compliant to the rising standards. While getting a monitor, there is a lot you need to put under consideration to get the best one. You are most likely to get spoilt for choices. Using our guide, you rest assured that you will only settle for the best.

The gaming market

The market is overall growing at a rapid rate of 10% and more gamers are coming forward to play in front of monitors rather than on mobile phones. When the gamers are getting more serious with their games, their time getting spent on modifying their setup also increases heavily. They are ready to spend over 50% extra to acquire gaming setups. More gamers now need bright displays with high resolution, and great definition content to uphold their gaming experience. These are the below factors they are looking more into:


Three most important resolutions come into considerations of:

  • 1080p
  • 1440p
  • 2160p

The other name for this is Full HD, QHD/2K, and UHD/4K. Higher the resolution means more pixels that will be present on-screen during the gameplay. This factor is a lot of hardware heavy and limitations like the CPU, graphic processing unit hinder higher resolution installation. An average gamer sticks to 1440p/QHD/2K.

Refresh Rates

This is measured in Hertz and has three different sizes:

  • 60 Hz
  • 144 Hz
  • 240 Hz

The FPS of a screen is taken into account here. The GPU is only going to accommodate your refresh rate.

Adaptive Syncs

AMD Freesync or Nvidia G-Sync technology-equipped monitors have the least chances of screen tearing. This is a key aspect that you want to have in the monitor. The price differs for each and they are highly compatible with your graphics card.

Panel Technology

This is essential to create displays that appear a lot prettier.

Response Time

This is measured in milliseconds and is the calculation of the time a pixel takes to convert from black to white. Lower response time gives smoother movements and gamers generally look for options giving them vibrant visuals.

Screen Size

Most gamers prefer to sit away with a 3-4ft distance and invest in large screens. This brings great balance in visual clarity and viewing comfort.

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